Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2022

As you may have heard, cPanel recently announced a universal price increase to their licenses for all partners, distributors, and cPanel store customers. To view cPanel’s new standardized pricing, please see here. These upcoming changes directly impact every hosting provider, including HostforWeb. This blog post will break down how this price increase from cPanel will affect HostforWeb hosting customers with cPanel accounts starting January 15, 2022.               

Shared Hosting

For current Shared hosting plans (Mini, Smart Plan, and Business Pro) and older Shared hosting plans, the purchase and renewal prices will increase by $1.00.

Reseller Hosting

For our current Reseller hosting plans (HFW-0, HFW-1, HFW-2, HFW-3, and HFW-4) and our older Reseller plans, we will have additional increases as follows: 

Reseller PlanOld Price New Price

Please note that all Reseller Hosting customers will retain their other account and resource limits.

VPS and Cloud Hosting

Due to the cPanel price increases, we will have additional increases for VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting as follows: 

LicensecPanel Account LimitOld PriceNew Price
SoloUp to 1 accountFreeFree
Admin CloudUp to 5 accounts$3.00$5.00
Pro CloudUp to 30 accounts$8.00$11.00
Plus CloudUp to 50 accounts$13.00$17.00
Premier CloudUp to 100 accounts$23.00$28.00

Dedicated Server Hosting

Currently, our Dedicated Server customers pay $25.00 for up to 100 accounts. Therefore, we will be adjusting our cPanel Premier Metal license cost by $5.00. 

cPanel Account Limit
Old Price
New Price
SoloUp to 1 account
Premier Metal 100
Up to 100 accounts
Premier Metal 150
Up to 150 accounts
Premier Metal 200
Up to 200 accounts
Premier Metal 300
Up to 300 accounts
Premier Metal 500
Up to 500 accounts
Premier Metal 1000
Up to 1000 accounts

If you’re a VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Server Hosting Company with HostforWeb, you may wish to consider Interworx as a cheaper alternative. Unlike cPanel, Interworx does not have account limits. Currently, we offer this as a free control panel alternative for our customers.

We’re here for you

Rest assured that we’ve worked hard to minimize the cost impact of this increase in cPanel’s pricing on our customers. We believe this gives you full transparency over what you can expect to pay per month and eliminates any confusion by customizing our prices. If you have any concerns, would like to talk about control panel alternatives, or would like to upgrade/downgrade your current license – our in-house 24/7 team is here to help!


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