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Over 180 OS Templates

24/7 Console Access

100% Dedicated Resources

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Managed Cloud Hosting


  • HFW 24/7 Fully managed
  • CentOS 7.x + cPanel/WHM
  • Unlimited domains hosted
  • Container Fail-over setup
  • The highest levels of security and compliancy
  • NVMe+SSD Storage
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Cloud Hosting


  • Customer-managed
  • Elastic scalable resources
  • High Availability
  • 189 OS templates available
  • Fully customizable with root access
  • Instant Setup
  • Pay only for what you use
  • NVMe+SSD Storage
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Self-healing Hardware

We store your cloud server centrally, unconnected to the cloud nodes it runs on, and back it up by a seamless failover process. In the highly unlikely event of a node failure, your system is automatically restarted.

Free Migration Assistance

If you have a pre-existing site with another hosting company, we will gladly take care of your migration process, free of charge. Our customer service representatives are available every hour of the day, every day of the week.

Scale on Demand

Whatever computing resources you require, (RAM/CPU/Storage), we make them automatically available on demand. Your site will never go down due to high traffic.

24/7/365 Customer Support

We make a point of being available to our customers when they need us, and not a moment later. No matter when you want help with your server, we'll be there - that's a promise.

Fastest cloud hosting in the Industry

Our network infrastructure is redundant, transparent and always available, providing you with a solution that is 10X faster than the average dedicated server.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so sure you'll love our services that we provide you with a 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

HostForWeb Cloud Hosting Plans

Unleash the Power of Cloud Hosting

We offer month-to-month plans with a flexible and affordable price point. Each plan incorporates various features, so you can choose which one suits you best and how long you want your subscription to last.

Our Cloud Hosting Services

Host On The Cloud To Take Success Further

Our goal is to offer you the best solutions for your needs, whether you're looking for low-cost web hosting or complex large enterprise-class services.

Managed Hosting

Managed means that customer data will be tended to by a team of our experts with the best practices and policies in place to ensure security, compliance, and performance.

Cloud Control Panel

With the use of a cloud control panel, you can access the most vital tools for management, control over your network, server, and data.

Instant Setup

It might take you a while to set up a server. We've taken that headache away by providing a ready-to-go instant website setup.

Brand New Technologies

Together with hosting partners, our engineers are constantly searching for new ways to improve the cloud hosting experience. Our philosophy is to provide a reliable and robust service backed with best-in-class customer support and unsurpassed uptime.

Integrated Caching

Our cloud hosting platform has a built-in cache manager which is great for websites that need to be up and available with little effort to maintain.

Cloud Hosting Tools

Full Suite of Cloud Hosting Tools

We have compiled all the tools you will ever need to host your website. With our user-friendly front-end, you will be able to handle everything in a flash.

Security Protocols SSH/SFTP

You'll get direct SSH for plugging into your cloud-hosted website as well as the option to make use of SFTP for a more secure file transfer solution. SSH provides an encrypted, secure connection to your account to effectively manage large files and even databases. When you enable SSH, you can also utilize SFTP, allowing you to access files securely, transfer them and manage them with ease.

Dedicated IP

The cloud account provides you with the freedom and the assurance of having your very own Dedicated IP. Each one of our Cloud hosting plans comes with a dedicated IP that is not shared with other users of the same infrastructure. This way, your website will not be affected because of IP blacklisting caused by the actions of other webmasters.

Simple Backup

We back up your account on a daily basis and maintain multiple offsite copies. We have also included an option to create instant backups with a click when necessary. When data loss, hacking, or human error occurs, your website can be restored quickly and ready for full performance. As a means of additional security, we may keep these backups in data centers of another city, state, or country.


What is the benefit of cloud hosting?

We've done a lot of work to help companies understand the important role that cloud hosting services can have for their business. One of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting is the speed and efficiency with which users can scale and adapt, while simultaneously lowering IT costs. Cloud technologies offer mega scaling while providing high performance with continuous upgrades.

Can I upgrade from shared hosting to Cloud Hosting?

Yes, you can. Usually, the process is very simple.

How reliable is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting has a lot going for it. It’s scalable, cost-effective, and offers a variety of tools. But as companies increasingly put their data in the cloud, the need for secure, high-performance cloud hosting services is on the rise. If you are considering hosting your site in the cloud, you'll need to pick a reliable and secure cloud hosting provider.

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